For diagnosing professionals attitudes, knowledge and skills towards the problem of child abuse and neglect, the research studies will be conducted in the first and last year of the project. At the same time there are going to be conducted the studies on the representative sample of adult population concerning attitudes towards physical punishment. The research are planned to be used for the evaluation of the impact of the project.

Comparative report on child abuse

Nobody's Children Foundation published the comparative report from six European countries (Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland and Ukraine) regarding the problem of child abuse. The goal of the study was to assess attitudes towards child abuse and corporal punishment as well as parental practices in six countries participating in the project "Childhood without Abuse: Towards a Better Child Protection System in Eastern Europe" financed by OAK Foundations .

National Survey of Child and Youth Victimization in Poland

In 2012, Nobody's Children Foundation carried out a research project that aimed at providing a comprehensive diagnosis of the problem of child abuse in Poland. "National Survey of Child and Youth Victimization in Poland" was a representative survey on a sample of 1005 students aged 11-17 from all regions of Poland covering more than 20 forms of victimization including: family and peer violence, neglect, conventional crime and sexual victimization among others.

Visibility of the campaign Protect me I am small in Bulgaria

Bulgarian organization SAPI has published the report regarding the visibility of the campaign "Protect me! I am small" in Bulgaria. It turns out that 60% of the people who had noticed the campaign found it necessary and almost 30% really necessary.

More details in the report.