Child Abuse and Neglect

Education in the line of fire – report from Eastern Ukraine of the Vostok-SOS organization

The newest (September 2018) report prepared by organization Vostok-SOS/East-SOS presents the result of a study on the situation of Ukrainian schools located within the 15-km zone along the frontline in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

E-learning course for parents: How to protect children against sexual abuse

The project entitled „We protect children against sexual abuse" was designed to develop high-quality educational resources for parents, educators, as well as professionals working with children and their families. The e-learning provides information on how parents can talk to children about their bodies, safety, dangerous situations, to improve their protection against sexual abuse, and how to react when children face dangerous situations online and in the real world (including legal intervention).

Save the Children released its second annual “End of Childhood Index” (2018)

The index compares countries by a set of indicators representing life-changing events that signal the disruption of childhood: poor health, malnutrition, exclusion from education, child labor, child marriage, early pregnancy and extreme violence. These "childhood enders" are most prevalent where poverty, conflict and gender bias overlap to create toxic environments for children.

Child sexual abuse is preventable, not inevitable – TEDMED Talk by Elizabeth J. Letourneau, PhD

About half of all sexual offences committed against prepubescent children are committed by other children. In the same time 97 to 98 percent of children convicted of a sexual offense are never reconvicted of another one. "This shows that adolescent sexual offending is highly variable and it suggests strongly that we can prevent that first offense. Yet instead of focusing on prevention we focus nearly all of our efforts on punishment." - says professor Letourneau and explains how initiatives that target juvenile sex offenders can play an important role in preventing future offenses.