Supervisions with local and international experts is another way of strengthening the group of professional working with abused children. Local supervisions take place twice a year. It is expected to be helpful in sharing practical knowledge and improving skills of those playing the main role in providing direct help for children. Supervision with international expert provides the possibility to discuss difficult cases and look for the best practices in therapy and treatment of abused children taking advantage of the experience, knowledge and skills of the best experts in the field.

Local supervisions in Moldova

72 psychologists participated in five local supervisions on 19th- 20th of June, 9th of November, 23rd of November, 7th of December and 21st of December 2012. The following topics were discussed during the supervisions: 

International supervision in Moldova

20 psychologists from Municipal Department for Child Protection and foster care centres participated in the international supervision conducted by Bengt SÖDERSTRÖM regarding "Therapeutic tools and focus areas in treatment of sexually abused children and adolescents".

Local supervisions in Bulgaria

50 professionals (social workers, psychologists and Social Services Centre's directors) participated in 4 local supervisions which took place on 22nd of March, 19th of September, 29th of September and 17th of December 2012, respectively in Shumen, Dolna Banya, Sofia and Tryavna. Real cases presented by participants were discussed.  All the professionals evaluated the supervisions as very useful.