Association for Children and Young People CHANCE

The aims of the Association for Children and YoungPeople CHANCE are: to provide support in the crisis situations to children, young people and their families; to run prevention programmes on various social issues children and young people are affected by; to provide support to parents and teachers in solving children’s and young people’s problems; to provide human rights education and intervene in cases when human rights are violated; to develop and run health education programmes; to provide social and legal education; to organise activities aiming at limiting unemployment among young people; to run various educational activities; to initiate and implement activities for and with disabled people aiming at their integration in the local community; to develop international youth exchange programmes; to implement activities aiming at prevention of marginalisation of socially excluded people; to work for recognising the threats related to using psycho-active substances by young people; to develop creativity among children and young people; to develop the ideals of volunteerism

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