Sieciaki is an innovative educational project run by the Nobody's Children Foundation that was launched on Safer Internet Day 2005.

The project comprises two major elements: a website and a desktop application to be installed on registered users' PCs. Additionally, the project involved meetings with children, open-air events, concerts, and educational sessions. Films, songs, and multimedia materials have been prepared as well.

The project pursues the following major goals:
• to educate children on safety on the Internet,
• to educate children on how to use the Web,
• to promote safe Internet use,
• to certify and promote safe websites.


The website was initially designed for children aged 9-15, but its registered users include younger children and older youth as well.






The website's storyline is based on characters called Sieciaki (which could be loosely translated into "Web Kids") - children knowing the principles of safe Internet use and fighting the Web evil embodied by black creatures called Sieciuchy ("Web Goblins"). Endowed with special powers, Sieciaki have the fundamental task of disseminating knowledge about safe, efficient, and constructive use of the Internet. Designed to be attractive for children, Sieciaki are supposed to encourage the website user to become one of them. Children are asked to help NetRobi, a robot constructed to fight with the Web Goblins. The robot communicates messages, gives instructions, and looks after the team of Sieciaki and all the children wishing to join the team. The robot can communicate with Sieciaki, thus helping the website characters to fight the evil powers in the Web, and conveying guidelines and task instructions related to safe Internet use to all users of the website.








By the end of 2006 had 50 142 registered users. The website was accessed more than 4 million times. The website administrators sent 755 messages and 112 guidelines, and organized 76 competitions.


Frames from the Sieciaki cartoon
Frames from the Sieciaki cartoon
In 2005 and 2006 the website assumed patronage over several children's competitions and events. Furthermore, in 2006 the Sieciaki project involved the production of three episodes of a cartoon titled Sieciaki and two songs. These cartoons and songs were broadcasted in the media and played during educational events for children.





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