The Romanian Center for Missing and Exploited Children

To combat the growing problem of missing and exploited children, including child trafficking and child prostitution, a new non-governmental organization (NGO), The Romanian Center for Missing and Exploited Children has opened in Bucharest, Romania.

The new center will work closely with government, law enforcement, other non-governmental organizations, and the general public on cases involving and issues affecting missing and sexually exploited children and their families.

Linia Verde Pentru Protectia Copil in Romania





Linia Verde Pentru Protectia Copilului is a helpline, where Romanian children can call while suffering or being affected by some problems or to report the case of abuse. The helpline operates 7 days a week, from 8 to 20.

Bulgaria and Romania to co-operate on child protection

On July the 19th 2006 Bulgaria and Romania signed a letter ensuring co-operation.

Co-ordinated child protection efforts of Romania and Bulgaria would focus on children living on the streets, victims of child trafficking and school dropouts. Re-structuring of specialised child care centres, measures against abandoning and reintegration of children from minority groups would be among the other priorities of the mutual efforts, Bulgarian news agency BTA reported.

Child trafficking boom evident in Bulgaria and Romania

According to Sofia Echo newspaper there is a visible child trafficking boom in Bulgaria and Romania after these countries' European Union access. Free movement within the EU made it easier to carry out child trafficking schemes , the website of People reported.